Why Precise Builder?

There's nothing more frustrating as a construction contractor than needing to quote a project based on your gut. Through Integro's combined 40+ years of experience in the construction business and coaching owners of construction businesses, we frequently hear companies lose profit margins because the project costs more than expected.

Owners want to be able to make repeatably accurate estimates. But that either requires them to pull all their receipts together from their various projects or it means trying to use Excel sheets or some other clunky software.

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Other industries have powerful and effective software that helps them streamline repeatable tasks. So, we started asking ourselves, "Why can't construction companies have just as effective software tailored to their specific needs?"

Software designed with construction owners in mind

This led us to begin developing what we now call Precise Builder. It's easy to use, plus it streamlines estimating, time tracking, lead generation, project development, and so much more.

Precise Builder allows you to focus on building and repairing people's homes without worrying about all the other things. There is no need to spend long hours after work fumbling with paper receipts and Excel sheets. With Precise Builder, you can track all your projects, expenses, employee times, and many other important metrics from one centralized dashboard--right from your phone or laptop computer.

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