Manage Your Construction Business without the Chaos

Estimate and schedule jobs. Manage employees. Track profits.
With Precise Builder construction software, you can finally run your business from one convenient platform!

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Create quick
and easy estimates
Stay on top of everything - in one place
Eliminate stressful
office work

Run Your Construction Business.
Without it Running You.

In just a few clicks, easily create estimates, know exactly how much each job is costing you, access projected and real-time budgets,
and more - all in one place.

  • Access an overview of sales
  • Access a map of all current jobs
  • Locate your funds in the sales pipeline
  • Get an overview of projects in progress that includes cost vs. estimate
  • See profit margins on different job types
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Created by Construction Pros,
for Construction Pros.

Is Your Construction Business Running You?

Do you feel scattered because you’re using different software for each task?
Are you losing sales because you can't quickly and easily estimate jobs for potential customers?
Are you wasting hours trying to make Excel sheets work?
Are you stressed over office work and wishing you could just get busy building already?

Your Business Shouldn't
be Constant Chaos

With Precise Builder construction software,
you can finally stay on top of everything in one place.

Run your company using one central software

Impress clients with a professional experience

Accurately estimate jobs with just a few clicks

Win more jobs, and have fun doing it!

How It Works

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Eliminate stressful office work
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Dan Lapp | CEO

Work Less. Do More.

We’ve spent years engaged in the construction industry as employees, salesmen, owners, and business coaches. The result? We understand how construction teams feel when it comes to estimating, sales, and managing projects.

With Precise Builder, construction experts can finally enjoy office processes that are simple, repeatable, and accurate. You’ll spend less time in the office and more time doing what you love.

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Take a Look Inside

At a glance, get immediate access to key company insights.

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View upcoming jobs and see which jobs are needing attention now.

Discover which jobs are bringing in the most revenue.

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Screenshot of dashboard with profit by job type

Understand where your profit is coming from and which types of jobs are most profitable.

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Get More Done with Precise Builder

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$989 per month*

Less than 20 spots available through the end of the year.

*Billed Annually


What People are Saying

"Precise Builder finally bridges the communication gap between people in the office and crews on the field. Namely, this software makes it super easy for sales people to do their job well so construction teams have exactly what they need on the jobsite.

"Plus, the interface is clean and simple, offering tools that are easy to learn and use. Thanks to Precise Builder, you can finally say good-bye to frustrations between guys in the office and people on the ground. This software is a must for today’s construction pros."

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Jonas Stoltzfus
Integro 212
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What is Precise Builder?
Precise Builder is a construction management software for construction pros who are ready to work less and get more done.
What can I do with Precise Builder?
With Precise Builder you can:
  • Create estimates with just a few clicks
  • Track job costs and profit margins
  • Keep all customers and job info in one place
  • Communicate with employees on a job basis
  • Access employee and job time tracking
  • Create to-do lists attached to the jobs and cut down on wasted time and money
  • See where equipment is at a glance
  • Work less, and get more done!
How can Precise Builder transform the way I run my company?
While you get busy doing whatever it is you love most, Precise Builder will be working day and night in the background enabling you to:
  • Save time estimating with kit based, scalable estimating
  • Reduce miscommunication between you and your employees
  • Prevent "dropped balls" and lack of customer/contractor communication
  • Prevent profit bleeding due to missed expenses
  • Show real world profits at a glance via easy-to-access dashboards
Why Precise Builder vs. other construction software?
In addition to being a cutting edge construction management software, Precise Builder is also:
  • Christian owned and operated
  • Conservative in value
  • A customer first software, meaning your success is our priority!
  • Based in Lancaster, PA
  • Accompanied by a support team that truly cares
  • Created by construction pros, for construction pros
Why do I need software instead of pen and paper?
Good ole' fashion pen and paper is perfect for some things. Like sending a note to your grandma, surprising your wife with a handwritten letter, or doodling with your kids.

But when it comes to running your business, too often pen and paper lead to key details being lost and forgotten. The result? You waste your time searching for what you need to get a job done.

With Precise Builder, you can easily find estimates, addresses, prices, to-do lists, customer and employee communication, and more all in one place.
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